The dead can’t testify

Alright, so today I went back in time for a moment, and got killed.

I’ve mentioned I like roleplaying, but I haven’t said which specific types I actually do. Well, mostly I do text-based roleplay, on the internet, since well, it’s on the internet and I can do it all day every day if I want to, then I do LARP (Meaning; “Live Action Roleplaying) which I ended up doing today (Sometimes I also do tabletop roleplaying, D&D and such, but I seldom get the opportunity to).

So, let me tell you briefly how I died;

Vilda, Asbjörn and Svalte returned to Gladsheim after 5 years of killing and looting, I was playing Vilda. On the way to the village we bumped into some orcs. Because we have orcs. So, since we’re more or less vikings, we eat iron and shit chain, we go straight ahead, even though there’s 15 orcs, and there’s three of us. In general I prefer a sneakier type of combat, I’m more of a rogue, agile type of fighter, and in a fight where I’m very outnumbered the only logical strategy to me is get out of reach and pluck them off one by one. And I was armed with a bow and and a sword, Asbjörn had a sword and a shield and Svalte had an axe and a sword.

But we were too tough to get into the woods and pluck them off one by one. So as I said, we went straight ahead. Killed off a few and went to the village, seeing as Asbjörn was the former cheif of Gladsheim the orcs backed off when they realized he wouldn’t give up.

And then a whole lot of things happened in the village, since it was suddenly filled with all kinds of christians and pussies (as vikings we didn’t really like pansies and christians) we decided that we needed to play those groups against eachother, since it’s Asbjörn’s village and Asbjörn wanted it back. Luckily for us we had 120 men fully armored out in the woods who went to visit their families after we went back home from our little plundering expedition, and we could probably gather them all again in a few weeks, and then the christians and pansies would be but a memory, well, if they were still around.

We also made a deal with the orcs, since we had a common goal; to return things to the way they’d always been, with the old gods and old traditions and what not. In Gladsheim the orcs were kind of a part of the way to live, they’d always been at war with the village but they’d never tried to completely exterminate one another, they even had some traditions that depended on the other part being around. Such as a test of manhood and womanhood; The Eelrun. The man or woman aspiring to finish the test runs down to the orcs camp in a loincloth, steals a chaplet, and runs back to the village. While the orcs try to kill them of course.

So we made ourselves their allies, until the village would be empty, had a word and all that would make the proper villagers able to pass through the woods unharmed, and to be able to lend their strenght to the orcs, should it be necessary.

Anyways, we did all that and messed up a little to make things boil, then we were supposed to go back home, like, to our real homes. But thanks to a little issue with two bracelets we had three very angry boys who didn’t want us to get as far as to the cars, and they ended up trying to kill us. They showed up with bows on a hill and felled Asbjörn and Svalte rather quickly, as I weren’t wearing massive amounts of armour I was able to dodge the arrows they sent my way and shot back at them until I ran out of ammunition, upon which one of the men came towards me drawing his sword, as they were also out of arrows, and I felt around my belt for my sword, suddenly remembering I lent it to Tea, and thought like; “Oh shit“, before I was stabbed.

So yeah, that’s how I died.

When we came to the car and checked the time it was two hours later than we expected and I suspected Harold would be very not-pleased with me being unreachable (I didn’t bring my cellphone) and when we came home I had ten messages and a few missed calls, plus a bunch of death threats on facebook and some other sites. So I rang and explained.

I would give you a LARP-related picture if I had any that weren't horribly old, so instead here's Harold!

We then went out, which we generally do on the weekends, and she came home to my place and hung around for a while, and then she went home and I’m thinking of going to sleep. Dying can really take the energy out of you.

Anyways, tell me if you want to know more about LARP, or about Harold maybe, or anything in general, maybe share some near death (or death) experience you’ve had, I’d love to hear it.

Enjoy your day!


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