Word count: 434

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve said anything, I know it’s off to a bad start but I think there’s about two people reading this blog, and one of them is me. Maybe I’m being a little too ambitious with writing this blog in english and so on, but what the heck, I’ve already started and might as well go on.

I was taking a walk with Harold yesterday but when I came home my internet connection had combusted spontaneously.

This is Harold, for those of you who simply don't know, and believe that she's really good at poker and interested in military history because of that other picture. I don't know though, maybe she is really good at poker.

Anyhow, we take a lot of walks, and sometimes we go into deep discussions about things that are bigger than ourselves, and when I got home after our little promenade I had a lot of thinking spinning around inside my head. I didn’t however, think about writing a post offline and publishing it today, so there’s none of the mysteries of the universe left over for you guys.

For those insanely curious we talked about, I think we started with religion and headed onto confirmation (which is also under the category religion, yes), then we dived into the paranormal, auras and spirits and what not, and onto how our childhood and how we’re raised make us the people who we are, in different ways, and went on with some more psychology with a spray of abandoned buildings.

For those who still hasn’t had their curiosity somewhat sated, I’m an atheist and passively do not believe in God, and neither do I believe in the paranormal, auras or spirits. Sure, it might have been exciting if they did exist, but I just don’t think they do, and it might take some real heavy, undeniable evidence to convince me. I do like horror movies and paranormal-influenced roleplays. It’s fun.

Oh, and mustaches.

Only on me though.

My mom claims that I am special.

You however, can add me on twitter. And check out my gallery.

And if you are swedish, or speak swedish, or just like to look at the pictures, you can look at Harold’s blog. If you’re curious, Harold is the other person who reads my blog, you know, the one who isn’t me.

I however, will get dressed and get over to the employment office, because since I’m out of school, this summer is not summer holidays; I’m just being unemployed!


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