1:56 am

So, I went to the employment office yesterday. I’ve been there once before but didn’t finish everything, you had to register on the internet and stuff, which I started there last time and was supposed to finish at home but I kept thinking “I’d do it tomorrow”, but in the end I didn’t, and yesterday when I waited for my ride I was really going to do it, but couldn’t find the place on the site. So I went anyway and finished it on the office, and it turns out I need to go through some culture dude in order to get the kind of job I’d like.

I don’t know though, I really just want to do something for a year or so, then go back to school and do something. Think a little about what I’m gonna do later on in life and all.

Right now I’m at Harold’s house. And I know, I talk about her all the time on here, but we spend a lot of time together and we’re neighbours and all, so I meet her pretty much every day.

Here’s another picture to prove it;

Chaplin 'stache!

I’m not obsessed with mustaches.

Anyhow, I’ve gotta go answer a roleplay now, bye!


18 responses to “1:56 am

  1. Heh, this blog is really ’bout me all the time.
    Keep it up sweetie, I like being famous and I know you loooove me!

    Maybe I should grow a mustache, I really look good in one of those Chaplin/Hitler styles, but I’m a girl, so I will paint it one or make you photoshop them on.

    What a great idea!

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