Hello again, I’m still at Harold’s house, looking at RocknRolla, which is quite a welcome thing after Amusement.

I'm not gonna lie, usually we eat chips and dips, or cheese doodles or whatever, but today we ate vegetables and dip. And breadsticks.

Well, it’s not that it’s the scariest movie I’ve seen, but something about the dude kinda threw me off. You’d know what I meant if you saw it, it’s not like a lot of bad guys aren’t supposed to throw you off, but yeah. I don’t know it made sense to me at the time. Since then we’ve went outside and went back in and watch almost all of this other movie I mentioned. It reminds me of Snatch, except it’s not as much a comedy. Though it’s still funny at times (but overall rather serious). I’d hold a whole little review, but instead I kinda linked you the movies’ trailers up there. If you like horror movies with psychopaths and killers though, watch Amusement, if you like Snatch, watch RocknRolla.

Anyhow, the crown princess of Sweden got married yesterday, and the whole thing was on the telly. I admit I kind of slept through most of it, but Harold liked it. It’s rather unpatriotic of me not to watch, but I’m not much for weddings. And it’s been all around, in every newspaper, for a long time, and I’m a little meh.

So, it’s good that our princess found someone she loves, she’s gonna be our queen eventually and all.

I know there’s not much that interesting info here, but yeh. Bye!


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