Oh, I also forgot to say that I got stung by the same wasp twice yesterday night.

We have a big wasp hive in the attic, well, it was big several years ago, and we never go to the attic, but there’s a bunch of holes in the ceiling above Axel’s balcony, and I think they’re wasp-made. They usually fly around out there.

We found a total of three wasps inside the house yesterday, I think that hive is starting to make tunnels into the rest of the house, which sounds really creepy.

Anyhow, the details around how I got stung; The lights were off in my room, I was sitting by the computer, and I put my elbow down on the desk and something crawls around and stings me and I get my other hand there to see what’s really going on and it stings me again. That’s when I figure I should put the lights on, and I see a wasp crawling around on my desk. Seconds later I’ve dropped a book on it.

I didn’t even know wasps could sting more than once? Isn’t the stinger supposed to fall off?

Anyways, I was supposed  to tell you something else that seemed kind of important before I went showering but I’ve forgotten what it was. Oh well, let’s do a magical shrug and say bye.


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