Alright, so, besides being nineteen and unemployed I suppose I am also a bunch of other things. One of those things I am would be an atheist. Now, some of you might not be familiar with the term atheism, or have am incorrect idea of what it is, and I shall therefore present to you a metaphor that explains very well what it is;

If all the religions of the world were represented by a hair colour, atheism would be represented by being completely bald.

Many believe that atheism is a religion, just like christianity or judaism. But it is in fact lack of belief that any gods or deities exist. However, atheism is quite a broad term, and many atheists have different ideas of what it really is, or just differ slighty in their personal belief (For example some atheists might be buddhists or jainists, or believe in other religions that do not advocate belief in gods. Therefore an atheist is not always non-religious, or unspiritual.), I do not consider myself religious in any way, even though I have a certain interest in mythology (but I do not believe that mythical creatures or supernaturalpowers in any shape or form exist.).

This is me, being an atheist, and mainly putting something to just look at in this big, bad wall of text.

While I can see the sense in certain quotes such as; “When one person suffers from a delusion, it’s called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it’s called religion.” I do not look down on people with religious beliefs or think that they are any less sane than I am. And I do think that religion can be a comfort for many, but it has also caused devastating destruction throughout the ages. Neither do I look down on people who believe in the supernatural, or ghosts, as I’m sure they can have their reasons for doing so, and I don’t want to waive their experiences or theories without hearing them, even though I’m often sure there must be a scientific explanaition for whatever phenomenon they might have experienced.

I do not however have any high thoughts of people who blindly stick their fingers in their ears and follow any religion -or mortal leaders for that matter- without thinking or listening to reason and relentlessly try to push their beliefs onto me. I think that many people need religion as a comforter, or guideline for how to live their lives, and I’m completely fine with that as long as they’re not hurting anyone else. I do like discussing religion, with people who are religious themselves or not, and I generally respect their beliefs as long I’m not blindly expected to believe the same without evidence, as I do not expect anyone else to accept my beliefs into their way of life.

A couple of words from the bible, in swedish.

Technically though, I’m a christian on the papers so to speak, since I went through confirmation and I suppose I pay what little church tax we have nowadays, and I’m baptised, as is common whether or not you believe in god these days.
To me confirmation was a testing ground to see if I could be convinced, or feel the presence of God, (and my grandmother almost drove into a ditch when I said I did not want to get “confirmed”) but I wasn’t convinced, and even though I went into the process with an open mind, nothing entered.

But to return to the subject of atheism and I, I don’t believe in anything supernatural (supernatural meaning; something that is above or beyond what one holds to be natural, or beyond explanaition by natural law or phenomena.), I don’t believe in spirits, or ghosts, and I don’t believe that anything will happen after my death. If you believe me to be wrong, feel free to discuss the subject with me (in fact, feel free to discuss anything with me regarding the subject of religion), though I suppose we’ll all see what ends up happening once we die. If I might be so boring I just believe death to be a big black lack of exactly everything and the one and complete end to my psyche.

Though, even if I don’t believe in any religious text or any religious type of rolemodel I do believe that there is good in every human being, or a certain will to do good, a conscience, if you will, and I do not think that I am an immoral or evil person for not blindly obeying the laws of any god (or the people who claim to have written them down for him or her).

If someone created the world, which I find unlikely, that being must at least be somewhat of an artist.


I can go ahead and tell you that my father believes in some kind of supernatural entity as a kind of creator or guardian, even though he believes that people have used religion for their own purposes and he does not believe in the scriptures of the mortal personnel. My mother considers herself to be agnostic, and my brother believes that somehow your spirit will live on after you die. I do not declare any of them to be idiots because of their beliefs.

If a great, loving, omnipotent being created the world and watches over us still, I would like to compare that deity to a nanny letting the children play with fire and knives. It just doesn’t seem like such a good god exists to me, and the bad nanny I just mentioned is not really a god I would like to worship.

Now, I don’t considering this picking on gods or religions, keep in mind that I am speaking mainly about myself and what I think or believe in this posts, and that I rather turn to science to explain a certain phenomenon or strange happening. I’m not here to bash religious people or anything like that, I’m just explaining why I, myself, don’t consider myself a religious person.

It’s very possible that there’s a certain branch of atheism these beliefs belong to, but I’m not sure what it’s called. If you do know, feel free to point it out for me.

And I would very much like to hear your views on religion, or your beliefs, so feel free to drop me a comment!


6 responses to “Atheism

    • I’m glad you did, even though it was horribly long and mainly just about me and atheism, xD I think I have a pretty good idea of what you believe in, but if you think I don’t or just want to tell me again, feel free to. xD

  1. Me and Ken have been talking about this, religion that is, for years and he consider himself an atheist and I have now “labeled” myself as agnostic atheist.
    What you wrote was a interesting read :) They way you see it is very similar to how I see it.

    • Yeah? It’s good to hear that there’s someone who can agree with me then, my mother’s side of the family is very religions, with the exception of my mom, so even if I don’t consider myself being secretive about being an atheist they believe that I’m a good christian, and I don’t really want to disillusion them, as long as they don’t force me to go to church. Since it would be very troublesome to disillusion them and eh, “come out as an atheist” so to speak. >_>

      Not that you asked me about that, but still xD

      • None in my family i religious, main reason that I’m so interested in it, reason I got confirmation to know more and at one point I believed I was christian. then my best friend pretty much destroyed everything I thought I believed.

        I’m sure many in your family know that you’re not as religious as them, even if you haven’t told them – family seems to know more then one thinks xD

      • Yes, but even if they don’t think I’m as religious as them they don’t know that I completely lack the belief that any god might exist, which wouldn’t be all that popular, but I guess as long as I’m quiet about it there wont be any trouble about it. xP Besides, mom and dad don’t really care whether I believe in God or not, and probably wouldn’t bring it up with the rest of the family since, well, they know what they’re like xD

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