Almost entirely about me.

A little update my dear readers, I know you’re so many, so many, and you’ve all wondered why I haven’t been posting anything for a long while, you know, instead of worrying about your own lives and all that.

Anyways, since last we spoke, I’ve been to a little town by the coast, eaten lots of tasty foods, all because I went to see a friend I’ve never met before, which might sound stupid to some of you but others will understand that I’m talking about someone I’ve met over the internet.

From the amount of sheer Harold on this blog you might think that I don’t have any other friends, and spend all the time I’m not clinging onto her looking for weird places no one’s ever heard of to write a post about, figuring out interesting subjects and how to in secret talk about myself while everyone believes I’m talking about something that it actually interesting. But no, I know other people, I just haven’t seen that many of them since I graduated, until now. But I’ll be getting to that, most of them probably wont like if I just toss them out on the internet anyways.

So, I met Kira, whom I first came in contact with five years ago on a forum I created for roleplaying, now it is dead and buried along with the whole forum service. But I’ve still been talking to her since then, almost everyday.

Now, since it’s my blog I can exploit myself and my private life however much I want, but I don’t want to talk all that much about people who I haven’t even talked to about talking about them on my blog. Re-read to make sure you got it. So you wont get an entire interview, but we went to the movies, hung around, ordered sushi, helped granny, went shopping, played some games, and surely other things I have forgotten to mention, but anyways, the point is, I had very fun, and stayed for longer than I had originally packed for. The day after tomorrow (Well, technically tomorrow since it’s kind of past midnight and my computer says it’s Thursday) Kira comes here, and well probably have some more fun! And I’ve ordered some new Ikea furniture. Because I’m swedish like that.

RANDOM KITTEN TIME! = Dexter, Harold's cat.

So, to the other friends I’ve met recently;

This Monday I met Emmi, and we went for sushi and played some cards and had a laugh in her apartment.

Yesterday Madeleine and Johanna had a plan to get me very drunk, which didn’t succeed, because I’m a viking.

I’ve med Jessica a lot before I went to Kira’s, but not this week, but I suppose I’ll meet her soon.

And I’ve met Harold, as usual on our walks.

So, here’s a blogpost almost entirely about me and my life, I hope you aren’t too bored and I shall post something a little more generally interesting in a while. Cheers!

PS: This is my worst blogpost so far.


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