My breakfast consisted of;

Well, this is another of these posts I said I wouldn’t do much, consisting mostly of me and my life and whatever’s going on.

And my breakfast consisted of sandwiches if you really wanted to know, with cheese and cucumber.

I’m sitting in my room with Kira to my right, giggling at something on youtube, I just got out of the shower, I have a big, new bed and Kira’s sleeping in my old bed, I also have a big black shelf with doors that open when you press them and a new bedside table. Kira and I spent most of the day yesterday building those new pieces of delicious Ikea furniture and making moussaka. Today we’re going out of town to another town to eat sushi! Nomnomnom!

Anyways, I’m not going to bore you for long, the weather’s rainy and stuff.

This is a Kira! I know, she seems to be really bored with me!

And now on to something else, I finally bugged Harold into getting a wordpress blog; Today in the Past. Regrettably for some it’s still in swedish but those of you who actually speak swedish, or like to pretend, you’ve got the link right up there.


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