Pumpkin Soup

Ami heard her phone start playing “Whataya want from me” by Adam Lambert exactly ten o’clock in the morning, she quickly turned the alarm off before the intro was over. Then she went back to the warm bed and thought for a moment about waking Kira, but she didn’t.

The next time she woke up she didn’t really feel like checking what time it was, thought again about waking Kira, but fell back asleep.

The time she woke up and actually went out of bed was after Kira went to the bathroom and it was 2 o’clock. By that time they went downstairs and scavenged for food, noted that it might be time to go grocery shopping, ate the last of the oatmeal, emptied the dishwasher and Ami realized that the cupboards could be opened from both sides and was very excited about it, then they went upstairs to shower and pass out on the bed in turns. When they were done with that they got their shoes on and went outside to go grocery shopping. Since Matthieu had eaten all the pasta.

This is Ed and Rae that Ami drew on Kira's huge tablet. Huuuge.

On the way they went by Granny’s house, but she wasn’t home, because she was visiting people, so they went straight to the shop and shopped groceries. On the way back they once again went past and Granny was home, so they had some tea and chocolates and helped her restock the highest shelf in the cupboard in the kitchen, because they’d been helping her to empty it yesterday when the plumber came to fix a leak, and Ami learned what fondue was.

After a while they said bye to Granny and went back to Aunt Claire’s house and went in with the shoes on, because you do that in Belgium. Matthieu was up, and the three of them mowed the lawn and raked up the chopped off grass, and once they were done it was almost time to eat pumpkin soup. It was tasty.

They also tried to make Lula eat a spider, but she didn’t want to.



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