How to slap someone back to school;

Hello everybody, I am here to tell you that I am not sleeping all day, and I’m still in belgium.

Yesterday we went to the cinema with Delphine, and we watched “Grown ups“, rather funny actually. I didn’t cry this time, even though it was an Adam Sandler comedy. Anyways, I might have mentioned this elsewhere but in Belgium there’s people who speak flemmish, people who speak french, and people who speak german. Well, and me.

The flemmish want belgium to be two different countries, because they don’t like the french-speaking belgians, and have spray-painted over some of the french street names on some streets and squares close to here. For those who are wondering flemmish is a lot like german or swedish, but the thing I wanted to say was that they have two lines of subtitles at the movie theatre, and it’s one in french and one in flemmish. It’s kinda funny.

I didn’t bring my camera, but I have a few pictures of the Grand Place on my cellphone. It was very pretty, and a bit more goldy and filled with roses in the windows than on this picture from Wikipedia;

Brussel's beautiful Grand Place.

We went there before and after the movie really. We went by on the way to the Godiva store (2nd best chocolate in belgium, very tasty) which is right in front of Manneken Pis.

Manneken Pis, an underwhelming experience, Kira said. I didn't really expect him to be very big. This picture is also from Wikipedia.

I’ve come across a bunch of moments where I wished I brought my camera, but no can do, next time I will though.

Now, on to some stuff that I couldn’t find pictures for. On the way back to Grand Place we couldn’t cross the street, this is a common phenomenon in Brussels, but this time it wasn’t because of red lights or cars being in the way. There was a shitload of roller-skaters on the street, skating after some hummer playing Empire State of Mind. It was special, until I ran out into the middle of everything and knocked a bunch of people over and they started shouting bad things at me in french while I ran away, knocking some more people to the ground.

… Nah, I’m kidding.

But talking about people ruining things, I was just enjoying my little metro-ride, when this stupid teenager showed up in the back of the tram with a megaphone and started making really loud noises with it. Until a dude got angry and this happened;

He didn’t get slapped but he looked like he thought he was back at school. I think he did go to school.

And besides all that we’ve been baby-sitting, the kids don’t speak english but it’s not illegal to give your kids a good slapping here (Instructional video above).

… Nah. I kid. Kira just tells them I eat kids and they behave. Now I shall humor the cat on my lap and give her some pattings.



4 responses to “How to slap someone back to school;

  1. When I stumble upon a good blog post I go ahead and do three things:1.Show it to the close friends.2.keep it in some of the favorite bookmarking sites.3.Be sure to come back to the same site where I first read the article.After reading this article I am really concidering going ahead and doing all of the above.

    • Thank you, it’s always nice when people like to hear what you have to say. I’m very glad you like the blog.

      Please go ahead and have a very nice day, like I will after reading your comment!

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