There and back again, without hobbits.

Hello everybody, I’m on a bus at the moment, on my way home. The flight went well, and I’ve been waiting for a little more than three hours to be on this ride. And the seats are really comfy.

My month-long stay in Belgium has come to an end, what I haven’t mentioned so far about it is that I saw a begging dog, a ballait called “En Atendant“, in a very fine theatre. I took some pictures with my cellphone, maybe I can show you once I get home, apparently it’s the same room where the belgian revolution started.

This picture is from the ballait, found it on the site linked above.

I’ve never been to a ballait before, it was interesting but I didn’t really understand too much, it’s not all that easy to get what a ballait is all about, if you ask me. I kept looking for patterns, since it was dancing and all, and there were some, but it just was never complete, which kinda made a little sense when I heard that en atendant meant “meanwhile” or “in wait”.

Anyhow, I’ll get some pictures of a little of everything from my phone when I get home. Now I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.


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