Yes, what have I done lately?

Well, everything you’ve heard from me since I got home from Belgium is the post on “En Atendant” and a monstrous post on sinkholes. (What, I like sinkholes.)

However, it’s been about a month since I got home, and I’ve been doing other things. I’ve been visiting Jessica and seen her new, white little kittens, Johanna and Madeleine came and swooped me up in the car yesterday when everybody in the house was sleeping and I couldn’t find my keys, I met Emmi and had sushi, and I’ve been to a Halloween party, where we stole signs.

And I’ve been playing computer games, drawing, writing, and making music, so to speak.

I haven’t been taking any pictures much though, and the pictures from the party haven’t reached me yet.

So here’s like a prologue to something a bit bigger, not as big as the Flooded Sinkholes, but something a little bigger than this and a little more interesting.


EDIT: So, as you can see I’ve been fooling around with the theme, is this one better than the old one? I’m not done fiddling about with it but what do you think so far?


Random picture since I have no new stuff and posts are just boring without pictures.


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