Fist-fighting at the cinema.

Right, so I’m sick, I think it might be because I went out to rake and use a broom on the entrance ramp to our house, it’s quite big really, and at one point the sun came out and I took my jacket off, and when the sun went behind the clouds again I didn’t put my jacket back on, thinking the work would keep me warm. Anyways, apparently not.

I didn’t sleep at all last night, and when mom woke me up, which we’d agreed to, I just called the employment office to say I was sick, I can barely talk and my face hurts like fuck, and my throat and head too. It’s 15:37 (3:37 pm) and I just got out of bed. I did dream for a bit apparently, so I must’ve slept for a bit too.

I dreamt that me, Harold and someone else of our common aquaintances were in Gothenburg, and for some reason we were going to the movies in some bad neighborhood. And someone had gotten us the advice to sneak in. So we followed a procedure of getting tickets without paying (so we were more stealing our way in than just sneaking in) and so we sat in the hall where the movie was supposed to play. I think we were supposed to see “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (Flickan som lekte med elden) or something, but we didn’t see anything of it for two reasons;

One; The seats weren’t going downhill from the entrance so that everybody could see the screen, it was going uphill, so only the ones in the very front could see the movie, and it was also very hard to sit straight since we were more or less sitting on pillows on the floor and it was leaning backwards. It didn’t seem weird to us at the time though, we were just taking our seats, Victoria was also in the salon on the row of “seats” behind the rest of us. I think she was the one who told us to sneak in, but anyhow.

The second reason; was that just before the movie was starting some yuppie to the right of us (We were sitting on a row with Harold at the right end, the common aquaintance in the middle, and me to the left, and Victoria in the back of course) started picking a fight with Harold and saying some very provoking shit. It was something about the seat between the both of them to start with, then it escalated to something personal. And he had a very posh accent, except in swedish of course. Just saying.

Anyhow, they were being assholes and at one point I just got up and started talking back on Harold’s account. It wasn’t that she couldn’t talk back to them, they just wouldn’t shut up (They meaning the yuppie and his friends), and once I got up they got up and it all escalated into a brawl, and the rest of the movie salon started getting up too and mostly stared. Though I was the only one who was fighting, really, the yuppies and I.

In this dream they were surprisingly easy to knock down, and I can’t really remember what happened to the yuppie, but the security guards, or bouncers or whatever, came and dragged me out.

Then I woke up, lay around for a bit to feel sorry for myself, looked at the clock and figured I had to get up for a bit.

So, I feel like shit. I blame anything weird in this post on that. Toodles!

This is the kind of weather I'd want. I don't know, I just wanted to try to make it more relevant to the post.


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