Still alive!

I know, I’m sorry, I’m a terrible host.

I haven’t been feeling inspired or stubbed myself from not having anything interesting to share, or just not enough info about something that I was relatively happy about sharing. But then again, I don’t get paid to do this, do I? I do this for you, my spontaneous, probably-mostly-consisting-of-people-I-know-IRL, reader base. And of course you, my four little subscribers. Who are likely IRL friends of mine as well. Maybe even my mum.

I kind of deserve it. I wrote a grand total of 7 posts last year.

Anyhow, a bit of an update on my life; I know this probably isn’t whatever obscure reason you’re subscribed to see, but maybe a few of you actually find some interest in this!

So, a good while ago I was having a fight with a very old friend of mine, as you may remember if you read Hard Work, and we’ve made up! We get along quite nicely and I’m happy we’re back. People keep saying we’re like a couple, and we are. Except we don’t shag.

Well, I hope we’re going to be good to eachother for the rest of our days, because I positively hate having a piece of myself ripped out and then choosing to pretend that I don’t really need a liver or a kidney.

Other than that, I’m unemployed again. My old theatre job ended by September last year, and since then I’ve been playing the lute, and getting a forklift license. Which was kind of funny seeing as my coach and I talked about music and theatre and all (I know right, she should have helped me with that so I could become a waiter, right? Ha!), and moving abroad.

And I’ve been fucking up my sleep routine even more, and because of this I go to a doctor, who wasn’t very helpful and tried to get me hooked on some addictive anti-depressants although I stated that I was certainly not depressed.

And then there was Christmas, and New Years Eve.

Yeah, I’ve mostly been nerding about my lute lately. Like a boss. Maybe I’ll share once I get a computer with a better sound-shit-thingymajig.

Oh, speaking of which, my old, trusty computer finally gave up on me. Or well, the graphics card died. Old age, probably. I’m still in mourning. I’m currently on my mother’s old PC, which, is a generous donation as they were going to use it for media in my parents bedroom (suspicious, I know), but frankly. This computer is a piece of junk, much like my old one, although it’s been serving me faithfully since 2007.

With a lot of tweaking, you can play Fallout 3 on it. You can also play Minecraft. You cannot, however, play Skyrim. Or Amnesia. Penumbra; Overture works, but it looks like shit.

Oh, well that certainly brought you a lot of clues of my so, very, mysterious absence, didn’t it?

Here’s a picture to keep you all happy and interested, still looking good.

0079, out.

Manly, very manly.


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