This week;

This week I’ve been very busy doing things for my parents so they’ll find in their hearts to give me some dole for my hard work. I need to get some money to be able to move around, you see, while I am working on getting a job, my small town doesn’t have much to offer. Today I cooked and cleaned the kitchen. Then I quickly snapped some pictures and just finished transfering those to the computer. Now I will let the battery charge.

And yes, I know the new header looks like something out of a horror movie, a new one is coming, I swear!

Oh, and you remember that interesting post I was going to get you? You know, the one so mysterious I couldn’t even tell you what it was about? Yeah, that one! I bet you’re bursting with curiosity and have been sitting all this time glued to your chair just refreshing the page again, and again, and again just to be the very first person to read it, because you just can’t contain your curiosity! Right?

… No? Well, alright.

Anyhow, it’s coming. I’m still trying to get back into the hang of this after the holidays.

Actually it’s kind of lucky that I don’t often write posts about myself and my everyday life, because my everyday life is kind of boring and just like everyone elses, and I wouldn’t really know what to say about myself. I don’t really come to any great realizations about myself daily. But, I’m looking for a job, I’m just about to send my CV to a certain place, and in a few months I will try to get my ass to a school audition of sorts.

I know, I’m just the master of giving out details about stuff I’m going to do. Maybe you’ll get the details after, since you never really know what happens. Oh, right, I was cooking, I’ll be back in a second.

It was tasty. Ah, that’s something about me I don’t think I’ve mentioned. I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t mind other people eating meat or even cooking meat (I’m not very good at it though) and I’m not some political fanatic or more of an animal lover than your average person. A diet without meat just appears healthier to me, and since I’m not usually passionate about meat it wasn’t too hard to let that go. I eat fish though (which I think makes me a “semi-vegetarian”? I don’t eat chicken, however). One of my friends asked me if I’d eat a dolphin, but, I don’t know? You don’t usually eat dolphin, do you?

Then again, what do I know.

I’m sure you can figure out what it’s like to be home all day for weeks on end, mostly I go for a walk in the evening, sometimes I have a day out if I can manage to dig out the money, sometimes I go to parties, again, if I can afford it. I chat a lot with my friends online, I clean a lot in the house, I try to get myself through some creative process every now in a while, playing some music, painting, digitally or traditionally, and lately I play a lot of, ehm, computer games. Which is not really too creative of me.

Either how, at the end of the day you’re tired and frustrated from doing nothing and always being broke, so I tend to get in arguments with my parents every now and then too. Today they were happy though, since the kitchen was sparkling like a meyerpire in the sunlight.

It seems however, like I wont get any evening stroll tonight, so I shall go ahead and be productive. Here’s two of those pictures I talked about earlier;











I’ve been having a problem lately, in most of my old pictures I wear make up, which I have done a lot throughout my life, there’s no denying, but somewhere last year I rather had enough of it, and now I only paint my face a few times a year, mainly for masquerades or plays. So, I rather felt like the old photographs didn’t show an up-to-date image of me.

Oh, yes, and I’m wearing a hat, such a mystery. I do have hair.

On Friday I’m going away to celebrate the birthday of a friend.

Well, until next time!


Happy new 2011!

Yes, I’m really late with this, but I’ve been busy. I also don’t have any interesting thing to tell you, I’m at a LAN and have a lot of stuff to occupy myself with, so I don’t really have time to spend on something you haven’t heard of before at the moment, but it’ll come!

In the meantime, I’ve got something for you to look at!


I drew this weird thing!

A christmas present for Kira!

And this, which I made with choal, on, well, paper.


And once again we’re not on time!

Except we don’t have a schedule, so it shouldn’t really be a problem, though I know you just can’t wait to read my new, exciting article. I promise it won’t be on sinkholes.

It will be posted soon enough, all the notes are taken, all the research is done, it just needs to be written down.

So, moving on, it’s just been Christmas, next up is New Years Eve, and besides all the celebration that will mean, it means that everything old gets in the archive, leaving space for everything new. It’s kind of a tradition for me to take a bit of time and put everything in the archive and add a 2010 to the folder name, and make new folders for the coming year, also taking a look at all the stuff that’s been made during the year and what not.

I hardly ever have any new years resolutions, except I tell myself I should be more creative next year, draw more, play more music, write more, but I think I’m going to try to finish a little novel I was writing this year. We’ll see how it goes.

Well, Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year in case you don’t hear from me until 2011!


Fist-fighting at the cinema.

Right, so I’m sick, I think it might be because I went out to rake and use a broom on the entrance ramp to our house, it’s quite big really, and at one point the sun came out and I took my jacket off, and when the sun went behind the clouds again I didn’t put my jacket back on, thinking the work would keep me warm. Anyways, apparently not.

I didn’t sleep at all last night, and when mom woke me up, which we’d agreed to, I just called the employment office to say I was sick, I can barely talk and my face hurts like fuck, and my throat and head too. It’s 15:37 (3:37 pm) and I just got out of bed. I did dream for a bit apparently, so I must’ve slept for a bit too.

I dreamt that me, Harold and someone else of our common aquaintances were in Gothenburg, and for some reason we were going to the movies in some bad neighborhood. And someone had gotten us the advice to sneak in. So we followed a procedure of getting tickets without paying (so we were more stealing our way in than just sneaking in) and so we sat in the hall where the movie was supposed to play. I think we were supposed to see “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (Flickan som lekte med elden) or something, but we didn’t see anything of it for two reasons;

One; The seats weren’t going downhill from the entrance so that everybody could see the screen, it was going uphill, so only the ones in the very front could see the movie, and it was also very hard to sit straight since we were more or less sitting on pillows on the floor and it was leaning backwards. It didn’t seem weird to us at the time though, we were just taking our seats, Victoria was also in the salon on the row of “seats” behind the rest of us. I think she was the one who told us to sneak in, but anyhow.

The second reason; was that just before the movie was starting some yuppie to the right of us (We were sitting on a row with Harold at the right end, the common aquaintance in the middle, and me to the left, and Victoria in the back of course) started picking a fight with Harold and saying some very provoking shit. It was something about the seat between the both of them to start with, then it escalated to something personal. And he had a very posh accent, except in swedish of course. Just saying.

Anyhow, they were being assholes and at one point I just got up and started talking back on Harold’s account. It wasn’t that she couldn’t talk back to them, they just wouldn’t shut up (They meaning the yuppie and his friends), and once I got up they got up and it all escalated into a brawl, and the rest of the movie salon started getting up too and mostly stared. Though I was the only one who was fighting, really, the yuppies and I.

In this dream they were surprisingly easy to knock down, and I can’t really remember what happened to the yuppie, but the security guards, or bouncers or whatever, came and dragged me out.

Then I woke up, lay around for a bit to feel sorry for myself, looked at the clock and figured I had to get up for a bit.

So, I feel like shit. I blame anything weird in this post on that. Toodles!

This is the kind of weather I'd want. I don't know, I just wanted to try to make it more relevant to the post.

Yes, what have I done lately?

Well, everything you’ve heard from me since I got home from Belgium is the post on “En Atendant” and a monstrous post on sinkholes. (What, I like sinkholes.)

However, it’s been about a month since I got home, and I’ve been doing other things. I’ve been visiting Jessica and seen her new, white little kittens, Johanna and Madeleine came and swooped me up in the car yesterday when everybody in the house was sleeping and I couldn’t find my keys, I met Emmi and had sushi, and I’ve been to a Halloween party, where we stole signs.

And I’ve been playing computer games, drawing, writing, and making music, so to speak.

I haven’t been taking any pictures much though, and the pictures from the party haven’t reached me yet.

So here’s like a prologue to something a bit bigger, not as big as the Flooded Sinkholes, but something a little bigger than this and a little more interesting.


EDIT: So, as you can see I’ve been fooling around with the theme, is this one better than the old one? I’m not done fiddling about with it but what do you think so far?


Random picture since I have no new stuff and posts are just boring without pictures.

Flooded Sinkholes

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a while since I made one of these posts. Let’s hope I’m not too rusty, and look at this;

That's right, gasp in awe!

This picture has been floating around on the internet for a long time, and it’s quite possible that many of you have seen it already, or heard of it. What you’re looking at is The Great Blue Hole of Belize, sometimes called only The Great Blue Hole.

The Great Blue Hole is by far the most famous blue hole in the world, but it is not the only one, nor the deepest, or strangest. I will present some more water-filled holes upon the face of the Earth to you, but let’s start with a little something on this one.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau made this big beauty of a hole famous through his popular tv series called “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau”, and he also announced the hole one of the top 4 scuba diving sites in the world. In 1971 he arrived with his ship Calypso and her crew to explore the grand abyss and chart it, and what they found was quite exciting: stalactites and stalagmites 30 meters (98 ft) below sea level, and deeper still. This of course implies that the hole was formed above sea, well, which also the ledges inside the 124 m (406 ft) cave deep implied. They also found that many of the stalactites were off-vertical by 5 degrees, which implies that the cave was once in a different angle, until some kind of geological shift moved it into the way it stands today.

However, 26 years after Jaques Cousteau went to the site, another expedition ventured into the depths to try to unravel the past of the sinkhole. The californian scientists Anthony Jones and Robert Dill led the expedition of 1997 into the hole, gathering a whole bunch of pieces of stalactites to analyse (this is apparently one of the few times when you’re allowed to damage salactites, to do isotope analysis), and they found that the cave was formed in at least four episodes 153,000; 66,000; 60,000 and 15,000 years ago, which also explains the ledges at 21, 49 and 91 meters (69, 161 and 299 ft) below the surface. At these four times in history there were climate changes and lower temperature that could have formed the Great Blue Hole indeed.

Huge stalactites inside the Blue Hole.

So, the opening is a round, circular dark hole that makes you feel like you’re going to be sucked into the depths until you simply cease to exist. Well, come to think of it, the hole is only 124 m (407 ft) deep, which means that it isn’t deeper than it is across (approximately 318 m (984 ft) ) and the lucid water makes in not all that hard to see pretty deep into the cave. And there’s also fishes living around the hole, groupers, nurse sharks and various reef sharks makes an appearance, occasionally bullsharks and hammerheads have been sighted too.

At 90-101 m (295-331 ft) below the surface however, is a strange, turbid, brown layer of water, before there’s once again lucid water below it, pretty much like above except a lot darker and with a complete lack of oxygen.
The brown layer is filled with hydrogen sulphide, which is created as organic substances sink into the hole and is decomposed by various micro-organisms. The micro-organisms deplete the oxygen at the bottom of the hole, and therefore there is nothing below the sulphide except great rocks of limestone. The sulphide makes the water more acidic and it erodes the limestone walls of the cave, which could contribute to the hourglass shape.

Anyhow, it’s not completely certain how the sinkhole was created, you need to remember that the “real” bottom of the hole is below thousands of years of sediments, and the sea level did sink in the past, but not enough for a hole of this size to be carved out. For sinkholes to be created you need a powerful flow of freshwater, which the small and lonely Lighthouse Reef Atoll would not be able to produce.

Now, there are plenty of blue holes, in the Bahamas, for example. The whole place is made out of carbonite rocks, and the seawater has hollowed out countless cave systems in the layers of stone, and most of them have yet to be discovered and explored. Those blue holes we’re talking about, however, have been eaten out by the sea from below, the black holes I’m about to tell you about however, are different. They’ve been formed by erosion from the rising and sinking sea levels, and eventually turned into big, round lakes.

There are more than 30 black holes in the Bahamas, all except one of them are on the biggest island, Andros. The other one is on Grand Bahama.

Now the black hole I’m going to tell you about it The Black Hole of South Andros. Now, I am not a scientist, and I doubt you are if you’ve found your way to this blog for some information on this black lake, so I’m going to try to keep most of the scientific gibberish out of the post, but you can find it here in case you actually are a scientist and you think my simpleton version just isn’t enough.

I will also disappoint you with a lack of images, you see, the Black Hole isn’t really any kind of tourist attraction, your biggest chance of ever seeing it is through the window of a plane, and I really can’t find you any pictures of it. It’s approximately as big across as the Blue Hole of Belize, but rather more, black, I imagine, and surrounded by land. In difference to the blue hole, diving is prohibited, and also very dangerous, and I imagine it’s not a very pleasant dive either.

Anyhow, the black holes have always been seen from the planes, but back in 1985 they were believed to be merely craters after meteorite impacts, and even though there are a lot of people in the area, no one bothered with a scientific expedition until 1999, and leading that expedition was the experienced cave diver, lawyer, and geomicrobiologist Stephanie Schwabe. The waters were tested, all the way to the bottom, revealing that there were no oxygen deep down, however, once they dived down they were surprised despite numerous tests.

At 17.7 m (58 ft) below the surface there was a strange, muddy bottom. And the lake had been measured to be 47 m (154 ft) deep. As Stephanie touched the bottom she noticed to her surprise that it was hot, and the jelly-like surface was disturbed by her touch. Would you dive into that? Me neither. But she did. She dove through this 36°C fake bottom and down into the water underneath. You see, once the jelly-like layer ended there was the same clear water as above, but in complete darkness. You might think that this is similar to the Blue Hole of Belize, and it is, except this bacterial layer was eating the light, raising the temperature and highly toxic at that.

Once the divers returned to the surface they realized that all the metal they’d worn had turned black.

Now, above the bacterial layer there’s your usual, common water. 26°C, as is common in the area, also some fish and zooplankton, at 17.7-19 m, (58-62 ft) where the ca 1 m thick layer of bacteria starts, the temperature rises to 36°C, and even 40°C. Those bacteria are called “phototrophic purple sulphur bacteria”, and to exist all they need is light and sulphur. The purple sulphur bacteria exists in other places of the world, but usually just around 5-10 m (16-32 ft) below the surface, perhaps the lucidity of the water made it favorable for the bacteria to go deeper.

There’s a lot of scientific terms around those bacteria, but I wont go into them, but there’s estimated to be 5.6 tons of dryweight bacteria in the lake. In the bacterial layer the density is 10 million living cells in one millilitre.

And the bottom layer of the lake, below the bacteria, is your common water, but with a significant lack of light and oxygen, and the temperature drops to 26°C once again. The floor of the lake is covered with purple-orange microbial mats, and many specialists believe that this might be what the ocean floor looked like 3.5 billion years ago when there was almost no oxygen in the water.

And if you made it through that big heap of text I’ll give you a little reward now. I’ll admit I was going to give you a long one about El Zacatón and Pozzo del Merro, but I doubt you’re in any condition to read it right now. So let’s head on to the little reward;

Dean's Blue Hole and a man diving in it.

Dean’s Blue Hole is another blue hole (Duh) where the room of water expands from the opening close to the surface of the water, which is approximately 25×30 m (82×98 ft), and the hole becomes larger and larger until it reaches 100 m (328 ft) in diameter (… And diafeet?). And what I really wanted to show you is this video that scares me and fascinates me.

If you’re interested in more posts like this, with less text, I direct you to The Eye of Africa and The Door to Hell.

There and back again, without hobbits.

Hello everybody, I’m on a bus at the moment, on my way home. The flight went well, and I’ve been waiting for a little more than three hours to be on this ride. And the seats are really comfy.

My month-long stay in Belgium has come to an end, what I haven’t mentioned so far about it is that I saw a begging dog, a ballait called “En Atendant“, in a very fine theatre. I took some pictures with my cellphone, maybe I can show you once I get home, apparently it’s the same room where the belgian revolution started.

This picture is from the ballait, found it on the site linked above.

I’ve never been to a ballait before, it was interesting but I didn’t really understand too much, it’s not all that easy to get what a ballait is all about, if you ask me. I kept looking for patterns, since it was dancing and all, and there were some, but it just was never complete, which kinda made a little sense when I heard that en atendant meant “meanwhile” or “in wait”.

Anyhow, I’ll get some pictures of a little of everything from my phone when I get home. Now I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.